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Autumn Valley Acres

Guinea Fowl

COMING 2023!

Contrary to popular belief these birds are not all that great at tick population control; that being said, they do contribute to a significantly lower insect population in general. (They don't seek out ticks, if they are there, they will eat them of course) We're sure you've also heard that they are great for keeping snakes away, yes this is true to some extent but it's harmless ones they go after and win against. (History is written by the winners, not the losers) Guineas make excellent guards, not only for livestock but for your entire home, if anything seems out of the ordinary you can bet a guinea will let you know. 

Now that we have covered the "basics" of guinea fowl now you can see them for the wonderful birds they are. They can be used for the big three: Eggs, Meat & Beauty, of which, their beauty and personality usually when out when it comes to reasons to buy guinea fowl.

Weight: Cock: 9 lbs. & Hen: 8 lbs.

                  Cockerel: 8 lbs. & Pullet: 7 lbs.

Broody: Yes

Egg Color: Brown speckled

Egg Size: Medium

Egg Production: Fair

APA-Recognized: Yes

Show Class: 


$7.00 each 

Straight Run Only*

*First Year Deal (2023): 

Chocolate female keets, $10.00 each

Discounted Keets: Will be mostly male keets (Female keets will sometimes be mixed in)

First come, first serve with discounted keets, no pre orders and no choice in variety.

Discounted keets will be sorted after hatch

By purchasing from us we will assume you've read and agreed to all of our sales policies.

Please click HERE to view the policies.

Hatching Eggs

1/2 Dozen: $20.00

1 Dozen: $30.00

Sky Blue, Violet & Chocolate*

*Hatching eggs will be sold as assortments only for 2023, this means we will collect eggs from every pen that's laying and send them. 

No choice on variety