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Sales Policies


We test yearly for Johne's & CAE

We reserve the right to decline a sale to anyone

(Examples of causes: Customer doesn't have other goats of the same age or any at all, they are not knowledgeable to basic care or they are hard to contact)

Once any goat leaves our care and is on the way to their new homes, we are no longer responsible for the welfare of the animal.


A deposit of 50% is required in order to hold a kid for purchase.

(In the event that you, the customer, do not go through with the sale for any reason, your deposit will be forfeit and we will keep it.)

All kids being purchased must be paid in full before leaving our farm

All kids (Except wethers) will be registered with ADGA before leaving

All kids will be disbudded if not polled

All kids will receive their 1st and 2nd CD&T vaccinations before leaving

All kids (Except wethers) will be tattooed before leaving

Wethers will be held for 8 - 12 weeks and banded right before leaving our farm.


Goats should be paid in full at time of sale

Adult goats that are sold can be held for 1 week,  after that, the sale is forfeit and the animal becomes for sale again and you lose your payment. (Only exception will be for those who require transport but this must be discussed with us prior to purchasing animal)

All goats will leave with current vaccinations (CD&T) and hooves trimmed